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Ken Ward's Zipper 1.4 is a free file compression utility, it only supports ZIP
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Ken Ward's Zipper 1.4 is a free file compression utility. With this basic utility, you can create and extract ZIP archives. It works fine but it's useless if you have Windows XP or Vista, because you can create, open and extract ZIP archives within Windows Explorer without the help of any additional program.

The only function that seems to be somehow useful and that could justify the existence of this piece of software is the ability to extract uncorrupted files from an incomplete ZIP archive. Apart from it, this software will not even satisfy the most common file compression requirements, because it doesn't support RAR, ACE or 7z formats. There are no options dialogs, no zip comments, no file encryption, no spanning and no ZIP repair. In fact, the built-in Windows ZIP support seems to be better than this utility.

If you need to create or extract another type of compressed archive, this utility won't help because it only supports ZIP format. You should better try a more powerful and free file compression utility like ALZip, 7zip or QuickZip. Or a commercial one, like PowerArchiver, WinZip or WinRAR.

The moral of the fable: If you're a programmer, before coding a white elephant, remember that the main feature of a utility is to be useful. Probably there are other programs like yours out there, so if you plan to create something new, try to make it better. Free software is great, but useful, powerful and free software is all.

Jose David Garcia
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  • It's free


  • It only supports ZIP archives
  • It's quite basic
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